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Charlotte Lewis: 07505 815 428

Claire Richards: 07981 003 113



Physio Clinic UK has asked patients for their views and experiences at the Clinic.  Names have been withheld to preserve patient confidentiality. 


‘I have recommended Physio Clinic UK to everyone i know.  I have always felt that the care I have received has always been of the highest standard.  My views are always listened to and after seeing numerous other therapists over the past 3 years, I actually feel and see results with the therapy given by Physio Clinic UK.  Thank you Charlotte!!!’

‘Physio Clinic UK helped me initially with pain relief and greater mobility in my body generally.’

‘I have and will continue to recommend and refer my friends and family to Physio Clinic UK.’

‘The care I have received to date not only has relieved my pain enormously but has given me the ability to have more mobility in general.  I have also been able to self-alleviate any problems with pain, having been given good exercises to carry out with clear, precise instructions with sufficient information to understand what the exercises are for and why they are so important.  I also feel that the treatment I have received has been adjusted and adapted to help relieve any pain that has occurred following an unexpected increase in stress.‘

‘The service provided by Physio Clinic UK has been professional, qualified, caring, friendly, flexible and reliable too.  I also feel that my problems have greatly improved from the care I have been receiving.  I have gained more confidence and trust in believing that Physio Clinic UK will provide continuous after-care when and if needed.’  


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